Insect Transmission of Fireblight



The following insects, after being allowed contact with a culture of Erwinia amylovora and then enclosed with trusses of primary blossom of pear or apple, were found to transmit fireblight disease to (a) pear: an aphid species, Meligethes sp., Bombus terrestris, B. hortorum. Apis mellifera, Andrena varians, Hoplocampa testudinea, Eristalis tenax, Neoascia sp., Scopeuma stercorarium; and to (b) apple: Andrena varians, H. testudinea, E. tenax and Lucilia sp. In preliminary tests the following transmitted the disease to vegetative shoots of (a) pear: Psylla simulans, Philaenus spumarius, Lygocoris pabulinus and Orthotylus marginalis; and (b) apple: Psylla simulans.