Interaction between root rot basidiomycetes and Phytophthora species on pedunculate oak




Forest declines are usually complex multifactorial phenomena that involve interactions between different factors. The possible interaction between different types of mycelial pathogens was investigated through artificial inoculation of oak seedlings, involving two root rot basidiomycetes, Collybia fusipes and Armillaria mellea, and two Phytophthora species, P. cinnamomi and P. cambivora. These pathogens were inoculated onto young Quercus robur saplings in greenhouse conditions, either alone or combining a root rot basidiomycete with a Phytophthora species. Three out of the four Phytophthora spp.*root rot basidiomycete combinations tested resulted in significantly greater damage to the oak host than the sum of the damages induced by the individual pathogens. This positive interaction could be significant in oak decline syndrome.