Table S1. Primer sequences for qPCR validation. Sequences were selected to have overlapping regions corresponding to the probes used in the Affymetrix GeneChip®.

Table S2. Constitutive difference between transcriptomes of FHB-resistant genotypes and susceptible cv. Superb. Up-and down-regulation (FD > 2⋅0, P < 0⋅05) indicates higher and lower transcript accumulation in the resistant line and cv. Superb, respectively.

Table S3. Challenge-dependent differentially regulated genes in FHB-susceptible cv. Superb and resistant genotypes. Up-and down-regulation (FD > 2⋅0, < 0⋅05) indicates higher and lower transcript accumulation, respectively, in FgTri5+ (FgTri5+ vs. water), FgTri5− (FgTri5− vs. water), DON (DON vs. water) and in FgTri5+ vs. FgTri5−.

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