Detection of Biospecific Interaction during the First Dimension Electrophoresis in Crossed Immunoelectrophoresis*


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    Parts of this work were presented at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology, Copenhagen, 1974, and the Ninth FEBS Meeting, Budapest, 1974.

The Protein Laboratory, Sigurdsgade 34, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark


Lectins were included in the first dimension gel in crossed immunoelectrophoresis of human serum proteins. Con A resulted in a retardation of most glycoproteins during the first electrophoresis and heterogeneous forms of individual glycoproteins could be detected. Ulex europeus lectin gave most of the proteins a higher migration velocity. Pokeweed mitogen did not interact with serum glycoproteins, but it did with serum lipoproteins. The method allows a close study of interacting components, determination of binding specificities, and detection of minor interacting components, including heterogeneous molecular forms.