Book reviewed in this article:

The Crystalline State: an Introduction. P. Gay.

Analytical Geochemistry. (Methods in Geochemistry and Geophysics, 5.) The Lord Energlyn and L. Brealey

Mineralogy for Students. M. H. Battey.

Bauxites. Ida Valeton.

Evolution of Sedimentary Rocks. R. M. Garrels and F. T. Mackenzie.

The Origin of Life by Natural Causes. M. G. Rutten

Optische Bestimmung der gesteinsbildenden Minerale. Teil 1, Bestimmungstabellen. W. E. Tröger (4th revised edition, prepared by H. U. Bambauer, F. Taborszky, and H. D. Trochim).

Chemical Weathering of the Silicate Minerals. F. C. Loughnan.

Manual of Planktonic Foraminifera. J. A. Postuma.

Procedures in Sedimentary Petrology. Robert E. Carver (Editor).

Les Grès du Paléozoïque inférieur au Sahara. Sédimentation et Discontinuités-Evolution structurale d'un Craton. S. Beuf, B. Biju-Duval, O. de Charpal, P. Rognon, O. Gariel et A. Bennacef.

Karst-Important Karst Regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Milan Herak and Victor T. Stringfield (Editors).

Carbonate Sediments and Their Diagenesis. (Developments in Sedimentology, 12.) R. G. C. Bathurst.