Book Reviewed in this article:

Geochemical Processes: Water and Sediment Environments, by Abraham Lerman.

Statistische Methoden fur Erdwissenschaftler, by D. Marsal. E. Schweizerbartsche Verlagsbuchhandlung

Andros Island, Chalk, and Oceanic Oozes, Unpublished Work of Maurice Black, Ed. by C. V. Jeans & P. F. Rawson.

Offshore Mineral Resources, Proceedings of an International Seminar organized by ‘GERMINAL’, Orltans, 1978.

Lower Wenlock Faunal and Floral Dynamics-Vattenfallet Section, Gotland, Ed. by V. Jaanusson, S. Laufeld & R. Skoglund.

La Genèse des Nodules de Manganèse

Lithostratigraphic Analysis of Sedimentary Basins, by C. E. B. Conybeare.