Book reviews


Nigeria: its Petroleum Geology, Resources and Potential, by A. H. Whiteman.

Analysis of Fluvial Depositional Systems, by Andrew D. Miall.

Carbonate Diagenesis as a Control on Stratigraphic Traps (with examples from the Williston Basin), by Mark W. Longman.

Sedimentary Petrology, by Harvey Blatt.

Phanerozoic Stromatolites. Case Studies, ed. by Claude Monty.

The Geomorphology of the Great Barrier Reef, by David Hopley.

Les‘Argiles Rouges des Grands Fonds’dans le Pacifique Centre-est, Authigenese, Transport, Diagenese, by M. Hoffert.

Sedimentation Continentale et Alterations Associees: Calcitisations, Ferruginations et Silicifications, les Argiles Plastiques du Sparnacien du Bassin de Paris, by M. Thiry.

Contribution a I'etude Geologique des Formations Continentales Detritiques Tertiaires du Sud-ouest du Bassin de Paris, by L. Rasplus.

Sedimentology. Process and Product, by M. R. Leeder.

Sedimentary Structures: their character and physical basis, by J. R. L. Allen.

Geology of the Northwest African Continental Margin, ed. by U. von Rad, K. Hinz, M. Sarnthein and E. Seibold.

Marine Slides and Other Mass Movements, ed. by Svend Saxov and J. K. Niuwenhuis.