Book reviews


Books review in this article:

Statistical Methods in Geology for Field and Laboratory Decisions, by R. F. Cheeney

The Climatic Record in Polar Ice Sheets, ed. by G. de Q. Robin

Residual Deposits: surface related weathering processes and materials, ed. by R. C. L. Wilson

Silicon Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry, ed. by S. R. Aston

Precambrian and Paleozoic Algal Carbonates, West Texas-Southern New Mexico, by D. F. Toomey and J. A. Babcock

Genése des Phosphates Alumineux du Sénégal Occidental. Etapes et Guides de l'Altération, by R. Flicoteaux

Background to Palaeohydrology—a Perspective, ed. by K. J. Gregory

Coastal Upwelling—its Sediment Record: Part A—Responses of the Sedimentary Regime to Present Coastal Upwelling; Part B—Sedimentary Records of Ancient Coastal Upwelling, ed. by Erwin Suess & Jörn Thiede

Mechanics of Sediment Transport, ed. by B. Mutlu Sumer & A. Müller