Books review in this article:

Recognition of Fluvial Depositional Systems and their Resource Potential—SEPM Short Course No 19, by R. M. Flores, F. G. Ethridge, A. D. Miall, W. E. Galloway & T. D. Fouch

Sedimentology of Gravels and Conglomerates, ed. by Emlyn H. Koster & Ron J. Steel

Quaternary Geology and Environment in China, ed. by Liu Tung-sheng et al., China Ocean Press

Coastal and Estuarine Sediment Dynamics, by Keith R. Dyer

Review of Jurassic sedimentary evolution and nappe emplacement in the Argolis Peninsula (Peloponnesus, Greece), by Peter O. Baumgartner

An Introduction to Carbonate Sediments and Rocks, by Terence P. Scoffin

Roles of Organic Matter in Sediment Diagenesis, ed. by D. L. Gautier

Deep Ocean Sediment Transport, ed. by A. R. M. Nowell and C. D. Hollister