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Phosphate Deposits of the World; Volume 1, Proterozoic and Cambrian Phosphorites, ed. by P. J. Cook & J. H. Shergold

Sedimentary Environments and Facies, 2nd Edition, ed. by H. G. Reading

Strike-slip Deformation, Basin Formation and Sedimentation John C. Crowell Volume, ed. by Kevin T. Biddle and Nicholas Christie-Blick

The Miocene Ocean: Paleoceanography and Biogeography, ed. by J. P. Kennett.

Geochemistry and Sedimentology of the Mediterranean Sea, by E. M. Emel Yanov and K. M. Shimkus

Offshore and Coastal Modelling, ed. by P. P. G. Dyke, A. O. Moscarini & E. H. Robson

Surficial Deposits of the United States, by Charles B. Hunt

The Emplacement of Silicic Domes and Lava Flows, ed. by J. H. Fink