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Antarctic Cenozoic History from the MSSTS-1 Drill Hole McMurdo Sound, ed. by P. J. Barrett

Experimental Fluvial Geomorphology, by Stanley A. Schumm, M. Paul Mosley and William E. Weaver

Diagenetic Bedding: A Model for Marl-Limestone Alterations, by W. Ricken

Cretaceous and Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins of the West Coast Region, South Island, New Zealand. New Zealand Geological Survey Basin Studies1, by S. Nathan, H. J. Anderson, R. A. Cook, R. H. Herzer, R. H. Hoskins, J. I. Raine and D. Smale

The Marine Environment of the U.S. Atlantic Continental Slope and Rise, ed. by J. D. Milliman & W. R. Wright

Shelf Sands and Sandstones, ed. by R. John Knight and J. Ross McLean.

Foreland Basins, ed. by P. A. Allen and P. Homewood.

Proterozoic Geology: Selected Papers from an International Proterozoic Symposium, ed. L. G. Medaris, Jr., C. W. Byers, D. M. Mickelson & W. C. Shanks

Géologie de la Préhistoire, Méthodes, Techniques, Applications, ed. by J. C. Miskovsky

Aeolian Geomorphology (Proceedings of the 17th Annual Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium, September 1986.), ed. by William G. Nickling

Aeolian Dust and Dust Deposits, by K. Pye

Biological Markers in the Sedimentary Record, ed. by R. B. Johns

Stable Isotope Geochemistry, by J. Hoefs

Reef Diagenesis, ed. by J. H. Schroeder and B. H. Purser