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Cross-bedding, Bedforms and Paleocurrents, by D. M. Rubin

Beach and Nearshore Sediments and Processes, ed. By R. A. Davis Jr.,

Sedimentary Processes on the Amazon Continental Shelf, ed. by C. A. Nittrouer and D. J. DeMaster

Fjords: Processes and Products, by J. P. M. Syvitski, D. C. Burrell, and J. M. Skei

Alluvial Soils, ed. by J. Gerrard,

Electron Micrographs (TEM, SEM) of Clays and Clay Minerals, by K.-H. Henning and M. Störr

The Origins of Angiosperms and their Biological consequences, ed. by E. M. Friis, W. G. Chaloner & P. R. Crane

The Motion of Allochthonous Terranes Across the North Pacific Basin, by M. G. Debiche, A. Cox and D. Engebretson

Geomorphic Systems of North America, ed. by W. L. Graf

Approaches to Interpretation of Sedimentary Environments, ed. by D. J. Cant and F. J. Hein

Carbonate Depositional Environments: Modern and Ancient. Part I. Reefs.

European Dinantian Environments, ed. by J. Miller, A.E. Adams, and V.P. Wright

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Oceans, ed. by K. J. Hsü

Marine Minerals: Advances in Research and Resource Assessment, ed. by P.G. Teleki, M.R. Dobson, J.R. Moore and U. von Stackelberg.

Sedimentation and Mineral Deposits in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, ed. by D.S. Cronan

A Practical Approach to Sedimentology, by Ray Lindholm

Clastic Particles, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Shape Analysis of Sedimentary and Volcanic Claste, ed. by John R. Marshall