Book reviews


Books review in this article:

Applied Sedimentology, by Richard C. Selley

Geology of High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal: An Introduction. by I. S. Roxburgh

Sedimentation in a Synorogenic Basin Complex: The Upper Carboniferous of Northwest Europe, ed. by B. M. Besly and G. Kelling

Low Temperature Metamorphism, ed. by M. Frey

Modern Sedimentation in the Coastal and Nearshore Zones of China, ed. by Ren

Evaporite Basins, ed. by T. M. Peryt

Holocene Reefs of Bermuda, by Alan Logan

Seabed Pockmarks and Seepages. Impact on Geology, Biology and the Marine Environment, by M. Hovland and A. G. Judd

Paleopalynology, by Alfred Traverse

Fan Deltas: Sedimentology and Tectonic Setting, ed. by W. Nemec & R. J. Steel