Books review in this article:

Tide-influenced Sedimentary Environments and Facies, ed. by P. L. de Boer, A. van Gelder and S. D. Nio

Tides, Surges and Mean Sea-Level, A Handbook for Engineers and Scientists, by D. T. Pugh

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Biolaminated Deposits, by G. Gerdes & W. E. Krumbein

Dinosaurs Past and Present, ed. by S. J. Czerkas and E. C. Olson.

Abrupt Climatic Change, Evidence and Implications, ed. by W. H. Berger and L. D. Labeyrie

The Morphodynamics of the Wadden Sea, by J. Ehlers, A. A. Balkema

Paleokarst, ed. by N. P. James and P. W. Choquette

Sea-level Fluctuation and Coastal Evolution, ed. by D. Nummedal, O. H. Pilkey and J. D. Howard