Book reviews


Book Reviewed in this article:

Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology, by Derek Ford and Paul Williams

Basin Analysis: Principles and Applications, by P. A. Allen and J. R. Allen

Petroleum Basin Studies, by P. M. Shannon and D. Naylor

Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology, by A. M Courty, P. Goldberg and R. Macphail

Stratigraphy: Principles and Methods, by Robert M. Schoch, Van Nostrand Reinhold

Classic Petroleum Provinces, ed. by J. Brooks

Northwest European Micropalaeontology and Palynology, ed. by D. J. Batten and M. C. Keen

Paleobiology of the Dinosaurs ed. by J. O. Farlow

Geological Map of Bangladesh, scale 1: 1000 000, Mohamed Khurshid Alam, A. K. M. Shahidul Hasan, Mujibur Rhaman Khan and J. W. Whitney