Fluted moraine formation and till genesis below a temperate valley glacier: Slettmarkbreen, Jotunheimen, southern Norway



Clast fabric and morphological data have been used to determine the origin of fluted subglacial tills exposed by recent retreat of the Slettmarkbreen glacier, Norway. A new method for the interpretation of clast fabric data allows aspects of the strain and depositional history of the till to be reconstructed. The till formed by a combination of lodgement and subsole deformation by slip along discrete shear planes. Lodgement was dominant for the larger size fractions (>125 mm), while the smaller material was more susceptible to deformation. The fluted till surface reflects the tendency for the till matrix to deform into regions of low confining pressure in the lee of lodged boulders. Downglacier components of till flow are thought to have resulted in significant sediment transfer towards the margin.