Table S1. Peak heights (cps) of major minerals in the X-ray diffractograms of bulk sediment from Deep Springs Lake Sites DS05-1, DS05-2, DS05-4, DS05-6, DS06-1, DS 06-2 and DS06-3.

Table S2. Total inorganic carbon (TIC) and total organic carbon (TOC), N/C ratios of the organic matter, and d13C and d18O of bulk soft sediments at Deep Springs Lake, Sites DS05-1, DS05-2, DS05-4, DS05-6, DS06-1, DS06-2 and DS06-3.

Table S3. Pore water Na+, K+, Cl-, SO42-, HS-, CH4, NH4+, DIC, Mg2+, and Ca2+ concentrations, pH and d13C(DIC) values from Deep Springs Lake Sites DS06/07-1, DS06/07-2 and DS06/07-3.

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