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From non-tidal shelf to tide-dominated strait: The Miocene Bonifacio Basin, Southern Corsica



This study documents a change from a non-tidal to tide-dominated shelf system that occurred between Corsica and Sardinia (the Bonifacio Basin, Western Mediterranean) during the early to middle Miocene. The non-tidal deposits formed on a low-energy siliciclastic shelf surrounded by progradational coralline algal ramps at full highstand. The tidal deposits consist of an up to 200 m thick succession of siliciclastic to coralline-rich cross-beds formed by large sub-tidal dunes. Based on outcrop and sub-surface data, it is possible to conclude that the tidal currents were amplified as a consequence of the rapid subsidence of the basin centre due to tectonic activity. It is suggested that this tectonic event initiated the strait between Corsica and Sardinia. The strait was deep enough to allow the tidal flux to be significantly increased, generating a localized strong tidal current at the junction between the Western Mediterranean and the East Corsica Basin.