The phylogeny of the Forficulina (Dermaptera) has been reassessed, examining forty-eight species and thirty characters, of which thirteen characters of the thorax and wings are described or used for phylogenetic purposes for the first time, whereas the remaining seventeen have been extracted from literature. Examination of the thirty characters demonstrates that only twenty-three characters are useful for phylogenetic construction. The characters have been analysed with PAUP 3.1 yielding two equally parsimonious trees. The results suggest an exclusion of the ‘Diplatyidae’ (themselves paraphyletic) and the Karschiellidae from the Pygidicranidae and support the separation of the Apachyidae from the Labiduridae. A sister-group relationship of Anisolabididae and Spongiphoridae is not supported. The monophyly of the (Spongiphoridae (Forficulidae, Chelisochidae)) is supported.