Reassessment of the enigmatic Lepidopteran family Lypusidae (Lepidoptera: Tineoidea; Gelechioidea)


  • Unpublished for the purposes of zoological nomenclature (Art. 8.2, ICZN)


Abstract. The genus LypusaZeller, 1852 has been assigned to Tineoidea (Lepidoptera) with varying family positions. The systematic affinities of this genus, currently placed in its own family Lypusidae, were studied using extensive data derived from larval, pupal and adult morphology and certain behavioural traits. In total, 193 characters were considered. On the basis of the results of a parsimony analysis, Lypusa is transferred to the superfamily Gelechioidea, in a monophyletic, exclusively Palaearctic assemblage with the genera Amphisbatis and Pseudatemelia. Several phylogenetically relevant characters support this position, including similarly constructed larval cases, densely porose larval head, and a modification of the pupal abdominal segment 8. The composition of the family Amphisbatidae is discussed and it is proposed that it be delimited as comprising solely the Palaearctic genera Pseudatemelia, Amphisbatis and Lypusa. A detailed diagnosis of the genus Lypusa is given.