Figure S1. Defects in RNA editing of three mitochondrial genes observed in loi1-2. Direct sequencing of RT-PCR products of nad4, ccb203, and cox3 from WT, loi1-1, and loi1-2. Sequence direction is shown in the figure. Nucleotides edited in WT but not in loi1-1 and loi1-2 are shown by arrows.

Figure S2. Phenotypes of WT treated with lovastatin and clomazone combined with SHAM.

Figure S3. Quantitative data on the effect of inhibitors of the respiratory chain on lovastatin sensitivity.

Figure S4. Total chlorophyll content of seedlings grown with inhibitors of the respiratory chain combined with clomazone. Chlorophylls were extracted from 1-week-old seedlings and quantified by measuring absorbance at A646 and A663 (Harborne, 1998).

Figure S5. Expression analysis of AOX1a. Transcription of AOX1a was examined with RT-PCR using cDNA from 1-week-old WT and loi1-1 seedlings grown with or without lovastatin. EF-1a was amplified as a control. RT-PCR was performed using the following primers: AOX1a-fwd, 5’-CTGTTAGTGGCGGCTGGACCACGTT-3’; AOX1a-rev, 5’-GTTCACGACCTTGGTAGTGAATATCA-3’; EF-1α-fwd, 5’-ACACATTCTTCCTCCGCATCATCCT-3’; and EF-1α-rev, 5’-TGGCATCCATCTTGTTACAACAGCAG-3’.

Figure S6. Sequence alignment of cDNA, starting from –45 to +10, of three unedited C residues of loi1. Red T was generated by RNA editing. Conserved nucleotide bases of all three cDNAs are shown in pink. Conserved nucleotide bases of two RNAs are shown in green (nad4 and ccb203), aqua (ccb203 and cox3), and yellow (nad4 and cox3).

Table S1. Comparison of RNA editing between WT and loi1-1. Primer information using direct sequencing. The loci of the RNA editing sites are also shown according to TAIR ( The fully or partially edited sites in our study are shown in black, and non-edited sites are shown in grey.

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