Figure S1. HPLC/GC-MS analysis of the product formed by AtAAS from l-Dopa. l-Dopa (a), dopamine (b) and dopaldehyde (c) standards, the product formed from l-Dopa by purified recombinant AtAAS (d) or boiled enzyme (e). Inserts in (a–d) represent mass spectra for standards and product after HPLC separation followed by derivatization with heptafluoroanhydride (Orlova et  al., 2006; Maeda et  al., 2010) and analysis on GC-MS. m/z, mass-to-charge ratio.

Figure S2. PHA internal pools in flowers of aas mutant and AtAAS RNAi lines. PHA internal pools were analyzed in flowers of wild type, aas mutant and AtAAS RNAi lines upon methyl jasmonate treatment. Data are means ± SE (= 9–19 biological replicates). *< 0.001 by Student’s t-test of mutants relative to wild type.

Figure S3. Effect of methyl jasmonate treatment on TYDC expression in Arabidopsis leaves and flowers (a) and pollen structure and pathogen response of tydc mutants (b–d). (a) TYDC transcript levels in A. thaliana (ecotype Col-0) leaves and flowers upon methyl jasmonate treatment (MeJA) as determined by qRT-PCR. Data are presented as relative to untreated control plants (set as 100%) (means ± SE, n = 3 biological replicates). (b) Scanning electron microscopy and (c) size and shape measurements of pollen grains from wild type and tydc mutant plants. Bar in (b) = 10 mm. Data in (c) are means ± SE (= 27 pollen grains). *< 0.01 and **< 0.05 by Student’s t-test of mutant relative to wild type. (d) Representative leaves of wild type and tydc mutant plants infiltrated with P.  syringae strain PstDC3000 showing disease symptoms 3 days after inoculation. Bacterial growth (colony forming units cm−2 leaf area) in wild type and mutant plants was analyzed 0 and 3 days after infection. Data are means ± SE (= 10 infiltrated leaves). Results shown are from one representative out of three independent experiments.

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