Figures S1–S153. Scans of TLC plates documenting the presence of various enzymes according to the reaction products generated by their action. (A Word file to which the Excel file ‘Data S2’ becomes linked if saved in the same folder.)

Figure S154. Effect of proteinase inhibitor cocktail on hydrolytic and transglycosylation activity. Plant extracts (in buffer A) were dialysed and then incubated with (a, b) Man6 or (c, d) Xyl6, in the presence (a, c) or absence (b, d) of PIC. Other details as in Figure 2.

Table S1. α-Fucosidase activity in extracts of 57 plant organs, assayed on the xyloglucan nonasaccharide [Fuc-3H]XXFG. Extracts were prepared in buffer A (low-salt) or buffers B or C (high-salt), then either dialysed or not, and incubated with [fucosyl-3H]XXFG for 24 h as in Figure 6. [3H]Fucose, resolved by paper chromatography, was assayed by scintillation-counting. Remaining [3H]XXFG and any intermediary 3H-oligosaccharides all remain very close to the origin in the chromatography solvent used. Within each taxomonic group, the specimens studied are listed in descending order of fucosidase activity.

Data S1. GHATAbase users’ manual.

Data S2. Database of multiple cell wall enzyme activities detected in crude extracts of various plant species. A searchable Excel file, which becomes linked to the Word document ‘Figures S1–153’ if saved in the same folder.

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