Figure S1. AtTRS120 and AtTRS130 are co-expressed at similar levels in Arabidopsis. (a) Microarray of AtTRS120 (At5G11040, -|-) and AtTRS130 (At5G54440, -x-) on the Expression Atlas of Arabidopsis Development (Schmid et al, 2005). The X axis indicates the tissues tested while the Y axis indicates the intensity of the signal. (b) RT-PCR of AtTRS120 and AtTRS130 in different tissues. GAPC coding for glyceraldehyde-3-P dehydrogenase is the RNA loading control.

Figure S2. Genetic complementation tests between attrs120 alleles. (a) A 6-day old seedling of wild type Col-0. (b) A 6-day old seedling heterozygous for both AtTRS120-1 and AtTRS120-2. (c) A 6-day old seedling heterozygous for both AtTRS130 and AtTRS120-2. (d) A 6-day old seedling heterozygous for both AtTRS120-3 and AtTRS120-2.

Figure S3. Bright-field micrograph of toluidine blue staining of cotyledonal cells of wild type (a), attrs120-2 (b) and attrs130 (c). Arrows indicate incomplete cell plates. Bar in (c) =10 μm for all.

Figure S4. GFP-RAB-A1c localizes to TGN/EE and is relocated to the cell plate in mitotic active cells of Col-0. (a) Extensive co-localization of GFP-RAB-A1c and YFP-RAB-A2a on TGN. (b) Extensive co-localization of GFP-RAB-A1c and FM4-64 in 27 minutes. (c) Co-localization of GFP-RAB-A1c and YFP-RAB-A2a to a cell plate in a root tip cell. (d) Co-localization of GFP-RAB-A1c and FM4-64 to cell plates in shoot meristematic cells. In (a), co-localized punctae are indicated by white arrows, GFP-RAB-A1c only punctae are indicated by yellow arrows, and FM4-64 only punctae are indicated by red arrows. Bars = 5 μm for all.

Figure S5. Auxin flow reflected by DR5:GFP is affected in attrs130. (a-f) The cellular distribution of DR5:GFP in root tips of wild type (a, c and e and attrs130 (b, d and f). (c) and (d) are PI staining of (a) and (b) respectively. (e) and (f) are merged images of (a and c) and (b and d) respectively. Bar in (a) =20 μm for all.

Video Clips S1–S3. 3D view of propidium iodide stained cotyledonal cells of wild type (Movie 1), attrs120-2 (Movie 2) and attrs130 (Movie 3).

Video Clips S4–S6. 3D view of propidium iodide stained root tip cells of wild type (Movie 4), attrs120-2 (Movie 5) and attrs130 (Movie 6).

Video Clips S7, S8. Golgi motility in hypocotyl cells of wild type (Movie 7) and attrs120-2 (Movie 8).

Video Clip 9. Co-localization and motility of GFP-RAB-A1c and YFP-RAB-A2a.

Video Clip 10. Delocalization of GFP-RAB-A1c and agglomeration of TGN/EE in the cytosol of a cotyledonal cell of attrs130.

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