Figure S1. Golgi aggregates are visible in roots and root hairs.

Figure S2. The gom8 mutation affects Golgi stacks.

Figure S3. gom8 ER strands underlie Golgi aggregates.

Figure S4. GTPase activity measurements for RHD3.

Figure S5. GTPase activity of RHD3(1–676) in the presence of GTP, GDP and ATP.

Figure S6. FRAP results on Golgi bodies in non-mutagenized Col-0 and the gom8 expressing ST–GFP.

Figure S7. Characterization of rhd3-7.

Figure S8. Aberrant ER phenotype in rhd3-7 transformed with GFP–CX.

Figure S9. RT-PCR on independent gom8/ST–GFP/ER–YK lines.

Figure S10. BiFC assay in tobacco leaf epidermal cells expressing YFP fused to various RHD3 proteins.

Figure S11. Localization analyses of YFP–RHD3(P701S).

Figure S12. Subcellular localization of RHD3 cytosolic region RHD3(1–676).

Movie S1. Golgi move in and out the gom8 Golgi aggregates.

Movie S2. The wild-type ER is intact at the cell periphery and strands, which are formed dynamically in the inner ER.

Movie S3. The gom8 ER is characterized by enlarged and unbranched strands in the inner ER.

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