Figure S1. Alignment of the PSPG motif of the C.reinhardtii UGT and some UGTs from P.  patens and S.  moellendorfii.

Figure S2. Web logos representing the PSPG motif of phylogenetic groups A-D, F-J, M, N and P. The stars indicate the residues interacting directly with the UDP-sugar based on available crystal structures. Logos were generated using the WebLogo application available at HThttp://weblogo.berkeley.eduTH (Crooks et  al., 2004).

Figure S3. Alignment of the PSPG motif of plant UDP-galactosyltransferases.

Figure S4. Alignment of UGT80 clade sequences from different plant species.

Figure S5. Alignment of UGT81 clade sequences from different plant species.

Figure S6. Phylogenetic tree showing the UGT clades 80 and 81 in different plant species.

Table 1. Gene identification numbers of the sequences used in the phylogenetic reconstruction. Arabidopsis UGTs are available at the Arabidopsis Cytochrome P450, Cytochrome bB5B, P450 Reductase, β-Glucosidase and Glycosyltransferase site (HTwww.p450.kvl.dkTH); Malus domestica UGTs were identified in the Genome Database for Rosaceae (HTwww.rosaceae.orgTH); all the other sequences were retrieved from the Phytozome 5.0 database.

Table 2. Putative sterol/lipid UGTs identified in the different plant species.

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