Figure S1. Chromosome 10 map with positions of ILs 10-1 and 10-1-1. (a) Genetic markers are shown above the black line. Positions of S.  pennellii segments in ILs 10-1 and 10-1-1 were originally determined by Eshed and Zamir (1995). Fine mapping of CTOMT1 was done by developing a new marker for the gene. The S.  pennellii allele of CTOMT1 was present on 10-1, but not 10-1-1. Physical distances were determined using chromosomal sequence data from sol genomic network ( (b) An expansion of the region encompassing 10-1-1 is shown. Marker sequences are available on the sol genomic network. See Materials and Methods for the sequence of CTOMT1 marker primers.

Figure S2. Methyl salicylate levels in M82 and ILs 10-1 and 10-1-1. Increased methyl salicylate levels in fruit from ILs 10-1 and 10-1-1. Error bars represent standard error. Tukey’s HSD was used to determine significant differences (P < 0.05). Statistical groups are indicated by letters.

Figure S3. Promoter and genomic sequence comparison of CTOMT1 between S.  lycopersicum cv. M82, S.  lycopersicum cv. Heinz1706, and S.  pennellii. Sequence alignment was performed with ClustalW.

Figure S4. Amino acid alignment of S.  lycopersicum and S.  pennellii CTOMT1. Amino acid sequences were determined by translating the coding region of CTOMT1. An asterisk (*) indicates a fully conserved residue. A colon (:) indicates conservation between groups of strongly similar properties. A period (.) indicates conservation between groups of weakly similar properties. Protein alignment was performed with ClustalW.

Figure S5. Spectra of silylated catechol. (a) Peak of silylated catechol 500 ng standard. (b) Mass spectrum of derivatized catechol. Ions 239, 166, and 136 were used to identify catechol in tomato fruit samples.

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