Figure S1. Subcellular localization of SDG725 in tobacco BY2 cells. (A) EYFP-SDG725 protein distributed uniformly in the nuclear cytoplasm. (B) EYFP-SDG725N (1-1255 AA) with an entire deletion at C-terminus was localized mainly in cytoplasm. (C) EYFP-SDG725C (1240-2150 AA) localized in the nuclear cytoplasm. Bar = 10 μm.

Figure S2. Specificity of the SDG725 antibody. The purified recombinant proteins of GST and GST-SDG725N (1-528AA) from E.  coli were used to analyze the antibody against SDG725.

Figure S3. GST-SDG725s does not methylate histone H3 in vitro using the recombinant GST-H3N(1-57AA) (A) or core histones (B) as the substrates.

Figure S4. Protein domain alignment between SDG725 and SDG8.

Figure S5. Light micrographs of longitudinal sections of the elongated zone of the second internode in a mature wild-type (WT) plant (A), and 725Ri-1 mutant (B). Bar = 50 μm.

Table S1. Genes down- or up-regulated by more than twofold in SDG725-Knockdown plants.

Table S2. List of primers used in this study.

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