Figure S1. Effect of MtCLE12 knock-down on nodule number. (a) qRT-PCR analysis of MtCLE12 expression in cDNA samples of transgenic roots expressing either 35S:GUS (control) or a MtCLE12 hairpin construct (RNAi MtCLE12). (b) Nodule number at 21 dpi of the same lines as shown in (a). Arrows indicate lines with the lowest level of MtCLE12 expression.

Table S1. Expression analysis of MtCRE1, NIN, ERN1 and NSP2 in transgenic roots ectopically expressing 35S:MtCLE12, 35S:MtCLE13 or 35S:GUS. Experiments were repeated four times and the relative expression levels (average ±  SD) compared to the expression in 35S:GUS roots are presented.

Table S2. Primers used for the analysis.

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