Figure S1. MRI devices used for microscopic and functional studies. (A) Human MRI system with horizontal bore (1.5T) typically used for medical imaging; gradient set: up to 45mT/m; usable space: 60 cm inner diameter; RF resonators: hugh variety of surface and volume coils with up to 32 receiver channels. (B) NMR/MRI system with vertical bore and high field strength (20T); gradient set: 3000mT/m; usable space: 1.9 cm inner diameter; RF resonators: 5 mm and 10 mm saddle coil. (C) Split coil magnet (1.5T); planar gradient sets: 50 mT/m 380 mm and 800 mT/m 120 mm; RF resonators: 63 mm solenoid, 140 mm solenoid several home-build splittable/wrappable solenoids. (D) NMR-CUFF: a portable NMR imager allowing outdoor applications (0.57T); gradient set: 630 mT/m (only in x and z direction); usable space: 3 cm inner diameter; RF resonators: home built splitable solenoid (Windt et al., 2011).

Data S1. Basic information on magnetic resonance imaging.

Data S2. Overview of rapid imaging techniques

Video clip S1. Digital model of an individual pea seed, which permitted a three-dimensional visualization of seed anatomy, and in particular allowed for the measurement of the volume of various seed organs.

Video clip S2. Animated three-dimensional model of lipid distribution in mature barley. High lipid signals (in green) are found in the scutellum and nodule. Lipid in the aleurone is visualized as a blue layer surrounding the endosperm.

Video clip S3. Animated visualization of sucrose allocation within the barley caryopsis during grain filling.

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