Figure S1. Negative confocal microscopy control images of wild type (A, B, C) and PME-silenced (D, E, F) fruit pericarp cells at 45 DAP. Green channel (A and D). White channel (B and E). Overlapping of Fluo-4 fluorescence and white channel images (C and F).

Figure S2. Negative electron microscopy pictures showing pericarp cell of wild type (A) and PME-silenced (B) tomato pericarp at 45 DAP treated with EGTA to remove Ca2+ from the potassium antimonate-Ca precipitates (black spots). Arrows pointing to structures similar to the antimonate-Ca precipitates observed inside the vacuole of cells without EGTA treatment. V = vacuole, CW = cell wall, Cyt = cytosol.

Table S1. Primer sequences used for expression analysis of PME genes.

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