Figure S1. Complementation analyses ofscpl17 mutant seeds. Two independent scpl17 mutantswere transformed with the constructs overexpressing SCPL17under endogenous SCPL17 promoter and CsMV promoter.Total GSL profiles at 229 nm (a) and SnGSL profiles at330 nm (b) are extracted from the same diode array dataset andthe y-axis of each chromatogram is scaled equivalently. IS,internal standard sinigrin.

Figure S2. Complementation analyses ofsng2-2 mutant seeds. The sng2-2 mutant wascomplemented with the construct overexpressing SCT underCsMV promoter. Total GSL profiles at 229 nm (a) andSnGSL profiles at 330 nm (b) are extracted from the same diodearray dataset and the y-axis of each chromatogram is scaledequivalently. IS, internal standard sinigrin.

Figure S3. Benzoate feeding into wild-type andbzo1-4 siliques. After 3 days, the amounts ofbenzoylglucose, benzoylcholine (A), OH-GSLs (B), and BzGSLs (C)were measured. - BA: siliques treated with DDW; + BA: siliquestreated with 1mM benzoate. *, Student’s t-test,P < 0.05 vs. - BA. Mean±SD(n = 3).

Table S1. Abundances of glucosinolates in seedsof wild type, bzo1, scpl17 and sng2 mutants ofArabidopsis expressed asnmol mg tissue−1. Glucosinolates areabbreviated as follows: 3OHP, 3-hydroxypropyl; 4OHB,4-hydroxybutyl; 4MSOB, 4-methylsulfinylbutyl; 7MSOH,7-methylsulfinylheptyl; 4MTB, 4-methylthiobutyl; 8MSOO,8-methylsulfinyloctyl; I3M, indol-3-ylmethyl; 5MTP,5-methylthiopropyl; 3BZO, 3-benzoyloxypropyl; 4BZO,4-benzoyloxybutyl; 7MTH, 7-methylthioheptyl; 8MTO,8-methylthiooctyl.

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