Figure S1. Structures of two splicing isoformsof OsPIN3t based on UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot database

Figure S2. Prediction of auxin-responsiveelements in the promoter region of OsPIN3t.

Figure S3. Prediction of cis-actingelements response to abiotic stress in the promoter region ofOsPIN3t.

Figure S4. Rice seedlings were subjected to water stress. (a) Five day old rice seedlings under normal conditions. (b) Rice seedlings under water stress conditions for 6 days. (c) Survival rates of transgenic and WT rice after 6 days water stress. Error bars indicate the S.E. of the three independent experiments. More than 20 transgenic rice plants of each line were used in each experiment.

Figure S5. OsPIN3t relative expression level in rice different tissues.

Figure S6. OsPIN3t relative expression level in different tissues of different transgenic rice lines.

Figure S7. Phenotype of seeds and panicles of WT and transgenic rice.

Table S1. Primers sequences used in plasmids construction and PCR.

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