Figure S1. Plant height of wild type andddf1-1 on different days after sowing.

Figure S2. Internode diameter of wild type andddf1-1. I-V, top-first to top-fifth internodes.

Figure S3. Leaf size of wild type andddf1-1. (a) Blade length; (b) Blade width; (c) Leaf sheathlength. I-V, top-first to top-fifth leaves.

Figure S4. Primary branch number, secondarybranch number and spikelet number of wild type andddf1-1.

Figure S5. Tiller number of wild type andddf1-1 at different days after sowing.

Figure S6 Alignment of deduced amino acid sequences of DDF1 and some other LRR-type F-box proteins from rice and Hordeum. Residues with >50% identity are shaded in black; conservative substitutions at an amino acid position are shaded in gray; dashes denote gaps that were introduced to optimize the alignment. The red line indicates the F-box domain; blue triangles indicate the LRR domain in C-terminal; asterisks indicate the completely conserved amino acids; and dots indicate the similar residues.

Figure S7 qRT-PCR analyses of APO2expression levels in wild-type and ddf1-1 young panicle.Dark gray and light gray columns present wild type andddf1-1, respectively.

Table S1. Primers used for quantitative RT-PCR analysis.

Table S2. Primers used for fine mapping DDF1.

Table S3. Primers used for RNA in situ hybridization assay.

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