Figure S1. Diagrammatic representation of the mean ARF mortality rates for the period 1995–2007 (all ages; both sexes).

Table S1. Mortality from PSGN.

Table S2. Incidence of ARF.

Table S3. Prevalence of RHD.

Table S4. Studies using ICD coded vital registration data to report the number of deaths from RF/RHD.

Table S5. Cohort studies investigating case fatality ratios for RHD that confirmed RHD presence with echocardiography.

Table S6. Countries from which VRD was available.

Table S7. ARF mortality (1995–2007) by sex and region based on vital registration reports (in WHO VRD).

Appendix S1. Search strategy.

Appendix S2. ICD-10 codes used for the classification of acute rheumatic fever.

Appendix S3. Country classification for the global burden of disease.

Appendix S4. Studies in languages other than English with mortality rates quoted in abstract.

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