The adherence by three strains of Staphylococcus intermedius to corneocytes collected from healthy dogs was compared to the adherence to corneocytes collected from the inflamed (erythematous) and noninflamed (normal appearing) skin of dogs suffering from atopic dermatitis. All three strains of S. intermedius adhered in greater numbers to corneocytes from both inflamed and noninflamed atopic skin than to corneocytes from healthy dogs. Adherence was greatest to corneocytes from inflamed atopic skin but one strain showed no statistical difference for adherence to inflamed and noninflamed atopic skin. These findings suggest that S. intermedius adheres extensively to both inflamed and noninflamed canine atopic skin. This may be important in the colonization of atopic skin by this microorganism. Strain variation in the ability of S. intermedius to adhere to canine atopic corneocytes is probable.