Document S1. Masitinib in canine atopic dermatitis.

Table S1. Study flow chart.

Table S2. Evolution of CADESI-02 response in the mITT population over a 12-week treatment period, according to data sets of observed cases and missing data as failure.

Table S3. Distribution of dogs according to their pruritus score at baseline.

Table S4. Pruritus response rate in the control group at week 12 according to concomitant use of antibiotic, antifungal or antiseptic treatments and baseline pruritus – mITT population.

Figure S1. Representation of the variability of severity perception among pet owners (Bland and Altman method).

Figure S2. Representation of the variability of perception of changes among pet owners (Bland and Altman method).

Discussion on the bias in pruritus scoring.

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