Abstracts of the 25th Annual Congress of the ECVD-ESVD, 8–10 September 2011, Brussels, Belgium. Veterinary Dermatology (2011); 22: 462–473.

In the above paper, there were errors found in the abstract entitled “Plasma and skin vitamin E concentrations in canine atopic dermatitis” on page 470:

An error was made with one of the author names, which was listed as ‘K. Kotnik’. This is incorrect, and it should have been listed as ‘T. Kotnik’.

The author affiliation for T. Kotnik should also have been listed as ‘University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia’, not ‘University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia’ as it was listed.

In the text of the abstract, the text ‘μmol/L’ should have been inserted in the text after ‘29.75’. It should read ‘Plasma levels of vitamin E were significantly lower in atopic dogs compared with healthy dogs, with median values of 29.75 μmol/L and 52.90 μmol/L, respectively.’