Background  Psoriasis can seriously affect the quality of life (QOL) of patients and has a strong impact on social relations, psychological status and daily activities.

Objective  The aim of this study was to describe the impact of different grades of severity in psoriasis on QOL in patients in Kuwait.

Patients/methods  We used the Dermatology Quality Of Life scale (DQOLS) developed by Morgan and then validated for use in Kuwait to study a sample of 330 out-patients with psoriasis.

Results  Overall, physical activities were affected in greater than 50% of cases. This figure increased significantly with increased severity of psoriasis. Also, social relationships were disrupted in more than half of the patients but with no significant difference between different grades of severity. All psychological feeling items were affected by psoriasis to variable degrees. However, significant differences related to the severity of psoriasis were detected: feeling embarrassed, feeling short tempered, feeling depressed, and feeling a lack of hope. One third of cases declared their sexual activities were affected by psoriasis.

Conclusion  Data provided should improve the physicians’ awareness of the importance of patients’ QOL and enhance psychological evaluation of the psoriatic patient which will promote his/her positive outcome and compliance with treatment.