Immunohistochemical study of cytokeratin expression in nevus sebaceous


Ichiro Kurokawa, md
Department of Dermatology
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine
2-174, Edobashi
Tsu, Mie 514-8507


Background  The histogenesis of nevus sebaceous (NS) is unclear.

Methods  To elucidate the histogenesis of NS, cytokeratin (CK) profiles were examined immunohistochemically using 10 anti-keratin antibodies in the three stages of NS.

Results  In the first stage, stratified differentiated keratins (CK1 and 10) were reduced, and basal keratin (CK14) was increased in the epidermis and primitive follicular structure (PFS). In the second stage, in addition to reduced CK1 and CK10 expressions and increased CK14 expression, CK17 expression was strongly expressed in the sebaceous ducts in proportion to the development of sebaceous gland. In the third stage, CK14, CK17 and CK19 were expressed in secondary tumors. CK16 was not detected throughout all stages of NS.

Conclusion  These results suggest that NS is not hyperproliferative but involves hamartomatous differentiation with undifferentiated keratins.