Markers of systemic inflammation in delayed pressure urticaria


  • Conflict of interest: The authors have no conflict of interest.

Dr Alicja Kasperska-Zajac, MD, PhD
Clinical Department of Internal Diseases
Allergology and Clinical Immunology
ul. Ceglana 35
40-925 Katowice,


Background  We have previously reported, increased plasma IL-6 concentration in chronic urticaria. In addition, it has been suggested that IL-6 and C-reactive protein (CRP) may be useful markers of the disease activity.

Aim  The aim of this study was to evaluate whether a systemic inflammation is present in delayed pressure urticaria (DPU).

Methods  Plasma IL-6 and serum CRP concentrations, biomarkers of acute phase response, were measured in DPU, and the healthy subjects matched by age, gender, and BMI using ELISA method.

Results  DPU patients showed significantly higher plasma IL-6 and serum CRP concentrations than the healthy subjects.

Conclusions  Similarly to the known locally increased IL-6 activity in DPU lesions, the elevated circulating levels of IL-6 and CRP have been currently found in DPU. This indicates that the disease induces a systemic inflammatory process, termed the acute phase response.