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The dermatology hospitalist: creating value by rapid clinical pathologic correlation in a patient-centered care model


  • Funding: None.

  • Conflicts of interest: None.

Rokea el-Azhary, MD, PHD
Department of Dermatology
Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
MN 55905


Background  The active and continuous presence of dermatologists in hospitals has undergone continued involution over the past two decades. Our patient-centered, value-based dermatology hospitalist model describes an efficient system for the integration of the dermatologist in the hospital treatment team.

Methods  We describe five difficult inpatient cases to illustrate the value of dermatology intervention and clinical pathologic correlation in facilitating timely diagnosis and treatment.

Results  Prompt specialty evaluation and clinicopathologic correlation by hospital dermatologists led to decreased morbidity and the avoidance of delay in initiating definitive treatment.

Conclusions  Efficient evaluation and clinicopathologic correlation by dermatology hospitalists are essential to hospitals that provide comprehensive care. This value-based model has the potential to produce better patient outcomes and greater satisfaction in both patients and other health care providers.