Aquatic dermatology: encounters with the denizens of the deep (and not so deep) a review. Part I: the invertebrates


Patrick Ottuso, 22nd Ave,
Vero Beach Dermatology
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Aquatic dermatoses encompass a broad spectrum of cutaneous injuries. These injuries may present through contact with invertebrate organisms such as jellyfish, sea urchins, corals, and molluscs. Each organism is equipped with a unique method of causing harm to man, therefore a myriad of presenting signs and symptoms should be recognized in order to initiate treatment. Aquatic injuries are not limited to areas of the world where these species originate. With the advent of rapid world travel and the hobby of home aquariums, dermatologists play a key role in the early diagnosis and treatment of such injuries. The method of injury, including a discussion of organism identification will be presented. Additionally, treatment of injuries caused by aquatic life will follow.