Appendix S1 Materials and methods.

Table S1 Primers and PCR conditions for methylation analysis by pyrosequencing.

Table S2 Primers and PCR conditions for genotyping analysis.

Table S3PDYN variants in control and alcoholic dependent subject.

Table S4 Demographic data of human subjects whose dl-PFC tissues were used in EMSA.

Table S5 Methylation levels of PDYN SNPs associated with alcohol dependence in the MC in controls and alcoholics.

Table S6 Levels of PDYN mRNA, and dynorphin A and dynorphin B peptides in the dl-PFC of control and alcohol-dependent subjects with the CC + CT genotypes of the 3′-UTR SNP (rs2235749).

Table S7 Correlations of the 3′-UTR mSNP methylation with PDYN mRNA and dynorphins A and B in dl-PFC of controls and alcoholics.

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