Figure S1 Linkage disequilibrium analysis of OPRM1 SNPs (r2 values are shown).

Figure S2 Linkage disequilibrium analysis of OPRK1 SNPs (r2 values are shown).

Figure S3 Scatterplots depicting distributions of cases (diamonds) and non-dependent controls (squares) for combinations of PCs as follows: (a) panel1 PC1 (x axis) versus PC2 (y axis); panel 2 PC1 vs PC3; (b) panel 1 PC2 vs. PC3; panel 2 PC1 vs PC4. (c) panel 1 PC2 vs. PC4; panel 2 PC3 vs PC4. Outliers on the various combinations of PCs 1,2, and 3 are likely of Asian ancestry; PC4 appears to identify a Northern European ancestry subgroup.

Table S1 OPRM1 SNP features.

Table S2 OPRK1 SNP features.

Table S3 Association of OPRM1 and OPRK1 SNPs with heroin dependence in a comparison of cases with neighborhood controls.

Table S4 Comparison of association studies results for OPRD1 SNPs and opioid dependence.

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