Measuring Productive Efficiency of Stock Exchanges using Price Adjustment Coefficients


Vijaya B. Marisetty
Department of Accounting and Finance
Level 5; Room no: 518; Building N
Monash Univeristy, Caulfield


A stock exchange's efficiency can be measured by its liquidity and price discovery mechanism. An exchange that provides price discovery will have high liquidity. By measuring the speed of stock price adjustment to its intrinsic value with the arrival of new information, we can understand the price discovery process and productive efficiency of a stock exchange. India has 23 stock exchanges, 20 of which have almost become dysfunctional due to negligible trading during the last five years. Measuring productive efficiency of the current active stock exchanges will help to understand the future direction of the Indian stock market. Using the corrected Damodaran (1993) model and a new model proposed in this paper, I found that information adjustment in the Indian market is very slow. Contrary to the developed markets, in the Indian stock market, stock prices overreact before adjusting to their intrinsic values. I also found that market-wide information adjusts faster than firm-specific information.