• health promotion program;
  • impact;
  • outcome;
  • process;
  • quality;
  • structure


Background  An assessment of the process and outcomes of a health promotion programme is necessary for the continuous improvement of a programme.

Objective  To explore the participants’ perceptions of the quality and effectiveness of the ‘Love Your Heart Programme’.

Design  A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with a purposive sample of participants of the ‘Love Your Heart’ programme. Interviews were based on an interview guide that grouped questions into four main subgroups: structure, process, immediate outcomes and impact. The interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim and analysed using the principles of grounded theory.

Results  A total of 17 interviews were conducted. The participants were satisfied with the structural aspects of the programme. Different opinions arose regarding the ideal frequency and duration of the programme. The content of the seminars was thought to be too general. There was also a lack of interest in the ‘Road to a Healthy Heart’ booklet. All of the respondents had positive opinions about the communication skills and attitude of the health educator. The potential advantages and disadvantages of participating in the programme were discussed. Finally, the respondents expressed their satisfaction with the programme and the impact it had on them.

Discussion and conclusions  In general, the participants who were interviewed held the programme, and the health educator conducted the programme in high regard. The suggestions that were received can be used to further improve the acceptability and feasibility of the programme.