• acetylsalicylic acid intolerance;
  • birch pollen allergy;
  • drug allergy;
  • food allergy;
  • pollen-related food allergy

Among adult patients with bronchial asthma and/or allergic rhinitis und allergological investigation with skin test, nasal provocation test and RAST, 1129 answered a questionaire regarding food sensitivity (FS). 276 (24%) of the patients reported some kind of allergic symptoms on eating or handling various foods, of which hazel nut, apple and shell fish were the most often mined. Females reported FS most often than males, A correlation was found between birch pollen allergy and FS with nuts, apple, peach, cherry, pear, plum, carrot and new potato. The higher the degree of birch pollen allergy, according to skin test. RAST or provocation test, the higher the frequency of FS.

A correlation was found too between acetylsalicylic acid intolerance and FS with some foods, e.g. nuts, strawberry, almond, green pepper, hip, chocolate, egg, cabbage, milk and wine.

The connection between birch pollen allergy and FS is probably explained by the structural relationship between birth pollen allergen and some allergens of die foodstuffs, whereas the high incidence of FS in acetylsalicylic acid-intolerant patients is probably explained by additives in foods as well as salicylates or benzoates naturally occurring in some food.