• bee sting allergy;
  • beevenom, wholebody extract;
  • skin tests, RAST

Skin tests and estimation of specific IgE-antibodies by the RAST are evaluated as diagnostic procedures in bee sting hypersensitivity with the following results:

  • 1
     Tests with venom antigens are highly superior to tests with wholebody extracts.
  • 2
     With bee venom results of skin tests and RAST correspond in 82%, with bee wholebody extracts in 68%.
  • 3
     Both with skin tests and the RAST with bee venom a good discrimination between patients with bee sting hypersensitivity and non-allergic controls is observed. Skin tests with bee venom are somewhat more sensitive than bee venom-RAST.
  • 3
     With the careful skin test procedure chosen, no adverse reactions were observed.