Allergy to the coffee plant


  • I. G. K. Axelsson

    Corresponding author
    1. Departments of Clinical Immunology and Thoracic Medicine, Division of Allergy, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
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Göran Axelsson Department of Environmental Health and Infectious Diseases Control Karolinska Hospital Box 60500, S-171 76, Stockholm Sweden


Occupational respiratory allergy to green coffee beans in coffee roastery workers is well established. I now report on a 50-year-old female atopic patient sensitized to the coffee plant used for indoor decoration. The symptoms were rhinitis and conjunctivitis on exposure to the plant. Investigation showed a positive skin prick test, RAST, and rhinoconjunctival provocation test to coffee leaf allergen extract. However, the commercially available RAST disk for green coffee beans seems to be appropriate for diagnosing allergy to the potted coffee plant.